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Tennis Court Policy/Rules

The Grand Lakes community has instituted new rules and regulations that govern the use of the tennis courts of our community.

Although we appreciate the efforts of teachers to continue to develop the game of tennis, it has become a hindrance to our residents to be able to play tennis on the courts where they actively pay dues to play.

Therefore, please be advised that the Grand Lakes community is now enforcing the tennis court rules in their entirety effective May 1st 2015; a copy of which is attached. All the tennis courts in Grand Lakes are for use by residents and their guests only.

The term “resident” refers to homeowners and those in Grand Lakes with an active Resident Access Card (RAC). Please be aware, access readers will be installed on all tennis courts very soon.

The term “guest” refers to invited guests of Grand Lakes residents; as outlined within the attached tennis court rules. Unfortunately, it does not include instructors or other commercial, for-pay players.

As we are aware that instruction is currently conducted on the Grand Lakes tennis courts, please take this time between now and May 1st to reschedule your lessons to a more suitable location. 


 Tennis Court Reservation Procedure

 1)  Court reservations may be made via

2)  Select “player sign up” and choose home facility “Grand Lakes CA”.

3)  Complete Registration form with name, number, address and set up log in information. Use access code 83113.

4)  Reservations may be made in the system up to 2 weeks in advance.

5)  Maximum reservation time per resident is 2 hours (except for league play/practice).

6)  Please cancel unneeded reservations as soon as possible.

7)  Please report any tennis court issues/repairs/vandalism via the

8) Reservation forfeited if not used within 10 minutes of scheduled start time

TownSq App as soon as possible.

 Our website has a new look, and residents only portal TownSq.

We’re asking all residents to register with TownSq as it will be the official HOA contact and information system.

 *Your account ID can be found on the PMG/Associa assessment statement or you can contact Karla Victor at  to request your account number*

 Grand Lakes Tennis Court Rules *


1. Courts are for the exclusive use of residents of Grand Lakes with a valid and working Resident Access Card and their guests. Children under the age of thirteen (13) must be accompanied by one (1) adult resident while playing.

2. The Grand Lakes community and the Grand Lakes Homeowners Association assume no responsibility or liability for any personal injury, or loss or damage to personal property. ALL COURT USE IS AT THE RISK OF THE USER.

3. Courts are open for play from 6:00 a.m. until 10:00pm (Swimming Team Pool location) and 6:00am until 11:00 p.m (Rock Pool and Frog Pool locations). The lights turn off automatically at the cut-off time.

4. Court time should be scheduled in advance with the Tennis Court Reservation system online.

5. One Card holder may only use one court at a time. Resident Access Card may not be loaned or shared.

6. Residents may bring up to three (3) guests to play provided that they accompany their guests at all times.

7. No more than 4 players on a court at any given time.

8. Any resident with a suspended Resident Access Card cannot be a guest of another resident.

9. At least one person using the tennis court MUST produce proof of an access card if queried by a Grand Lakes Board member or associate of the Grand Lake property management company.

10. Proper tennis attire required. Tennis shoes (non-marking), shirt, shorts and other proper clothing.

11. Court gate must be locked at all times. Do not prop the gate open. Do not jam the lock. Do not climb the fence.

12. Courts may be used for tennis only. Pickleball is allowed on the east court near Rock Pool only and subject to the same court reservation rule.

13. No animals (except service animals), skateboard, roller blades, skates, bicycles, soccer or football allowed in the tennis court area at any time.

14. Any objects or activities that may damage the court surface, fences, nets, etc. are prohibited at all times.

15. No glass containers, alcohol, smoking or illegal substances allowed in tennis court area.

16. Loud music, radios and abusive language are not permitted.

17. Please clean up after yourselves, your children, or your guests. Place trash in proper receptacles.

18. Please be courteous to others while playing tennis and keep balls on your own court.

19. Residents may not use the courts for financial gain, include selling your reserved court time or blocking court times for non-residents to provide tennis lessons.

20. Violations of rules may result in suspension of privilege to use the tennis courts and in the deactivation of the Resident Access Card.

 * The Grand Lakes HOA Board reserves the right to amend these rules as needed and will publish any changes*


1. The Association uses an online reservation system that may be found at

2. Residents must use their personal login and password to reserve a court.

3. Court Prime Time: 6:00 pm to 10:00 pm

4. Residents may reserve courts no more than 14 days in advance.

5. Same day reservation not allowed.

6. If you are unable to use your reservation, please cancel it for other residents. Repeated non-utilization of reserved courts, not cancelled in a timely manner on consecutive days or weeks, will result in a penalty to an individual or group, including but not limited to loss of reservation privilege.

7. Players failing to arrive within 10 minutes after their reserved playing time may forfeit their reservation. After the 10-minute grace period, the reserved court and time become available to other residents.

8. Residents may use an open court on a walk-in basis. Walk-in is first come first served. Walk-in session should be no longer than 120 minutes if someone else is waiting. Walk-in session ends immediately when the next reserved session starts.


1. Reservations can be made in sixty (60)/ ninety (90)/one hundred twenty (120) minute sessions only.

2. One court per reservation.

3. Maximum three (3) reservations per week per household.

4. Maximum two (2) prime time reservation per week per household.

5. The following rules apply if a court is being reserved for a tennis lesson:

a) A Grand Lakes resident may individually contract for lessons as long as no more than 5 people participate in the lessons including the instructors and as long as they do not interfere with other users.

b) All class participants must consist of 100% Grand Lakes residents, excluding the instructors.

c) Any such lessons must be confined to one court and are subject to reservations.


1. Grand Lakes has 3 tennis court locations, i.e., Rock Pool (GLR1 & GLR2), Frog Pool (GLF1 & GLF2) and Swimming Team Pool (GLS1 & GLS2). Feb 1 to May 15 and Sep 1 to Nov 30 is League Play Season. During League Play Season, organized team play can reserve all the six courts from 9am to 2pm. At all other times, one (1) location must remain open for social play during organized team play .

2. An organized team is any group of Residents (and outside players if necessary) listed on the same roster of a sanctioned team.

3. Team Captain of each organized team must be a Grand Lakes resident and will coordinate with the Grand Lakes Board and the Grand Lake property management company (PMG).

4. Each organized team must submit a copy of the intended player list to the Grand Lakes PMG/HOA board by Feb 1 for approval. The approval process includes verification of Resident being current with their Homeowner dues. This approval process must be followed for any roster additions that may occur.

5. All outside players are restricted to court use only during designated team practices, team coaching, and scheduled matches unless otherwise accompanied by a Grand Lakes Resident. It is the Team Captain’s responsibility to inform each outside player of The Grand Lakes Tennis Court Rules.

6. Up to 5 hours per reservation for organized team play.

7. Up to 5 organized team play reservations per week, Monday through Friday, excluding prime time.


    1.     Court Time
      1.       General Time
      1.          6am-10pm (Swimming Team Pool location)
      2.          6am-11pm (Rock Pool and Frog Pool locations)

Prime Time
   6pm to 10pm

No league play during prime time

Time Length: 60/90/120 minutes for social play and tennis lessons per reservation

Number of guests on ONE court: Up to 3

Number of players on ONE court: Up to 4 players per court

Walk-in allowed if court not reserved: Yes, first come first serve

Walk-in session ends immediately when the next reserved session starts

No more than 120 minutes if someone else is waiting

Reservation Rules

Reservation in advance: Max 14 days in advance

Social Play: No same day reservation

Reservation Limit

One court per reservation

Max 3 reservations per week per household

Max 2 prime time reservation per week per household

League Play

Time Length : Up to 5 hours per reservation

Reservation Limit : Up to 6 courts during League Play Season ONLY (9am-2pm, Feb 1 to May 15 & Sep 1 to Nov 30)

  Up to 4 courts per reservation at all other time

   Max 5 league play reservations per week (Monday through Friday, excluding prime time)

Group Lessons

Tennis lesson is allowed

No more than 5 people participate in lessons, including the instructors

All class participants must consist of 100% Grand Lakes residents, excluding the instructors League Play

Team Captain MUST be a Grand Lakes resident, and will coordinate with the Grand Lakes Board and the Grand Lake Property Management Company

Residents may NOT use the courts for financial gains: e.g., selling reserved court time

Pickleball is allowed on the East Court near Rock Pool ONLY and subject to the same court reservation rules as social play

* The Grand Lakes HOA Board reserves the right to amend these rules as needed and will publish any changes*