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Grand Lakes residents can now recycle clothing, shoes, and various home goods curbside thanks to a contract between the Grand Lakes Community Association and Simple Recycling. This program complements the existing Best Trash recycling program and items accepted do not overlap.

If you currently donate unwanted textiles and home goods to charitable organizations for tax or philanthropic purposes, you are encouraged to continue to do so. Katy Christian Ministries, Clothed by Faith, Goodwill, St. Vincent de Paul and other IRS designated non-profit organizations depend on donations to continue their good work in the community. If you aren’t currently donating these items, Simple Recycling will accept them as well as the worn-out or non-working items that Goodwill and KCM, cannot accept. Simple Recycling makes money on the items it collects, allowing the Grand Lakes Community Association to pay no costs associated with this service and be compensated $20 for every ton of material collected.

To utilize the program:

  1. Go to and schedule a pickup

  2. Place clothing, shoes, and accepted home goods (in any condition) into regular trash bags or boxes and place them in front of your door with a label of Simple Recycling or SR by 7:30am the day of your scheduled pickup.

    A full list of accepted materials can be found by clicking here

      For further information or to request additional bags:




Best Trash takes great pride in our recycling program and efforts.
Ensuring the best recycle program for our customers takes time and effort on both sides.
Please remove caps, liquids and food products from inside the containers.
Please only use the recycle bins for recyclable materials, not as an extra trash container.

Best Trash will collect all paper products, plastics 1-7, aluminum and tin cans and all colors of glass that are placed within the provided recycling bin.
If items exceed container capacity, please place them adjacent to bin well marked as recycling materials in containers or bins up to 40 gallons in size.
Best Trash will provide each current residence with one recycling bin.
Best Trash will replace any bins that are defective or otherwise become unusable due to normal wear and tear.
Stolen, lost or additional bins can be replaced at $9.00 each by calling Best Trash.

Contact Information:
Best Trash
17820 Madden Road
Richmond TX 77407
281-313-BEST or 281-313-2378