Grand Lakes Community Association

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Grand Lakes FAQ

You have questions about our community? We hope to have an answer below but if we don't, please feel free to give the management company a call or contact them via email.

Q: Where do I report Street Light problems?
If you see a streetlight burned out, please help us by getting an address, or intersection, & the number on the streetlight pole. You should fill out the form available at

You can call this information to Centerpoint at 713-945-3213, but the electronic form is much faster as you won't be put on "hold". You can also report dim lights, leaning poles, etc. on the electronic form.

Q: I have just moved into the community. Who do I contact to get access to the pools and tennis courts?
Please mail a stamped self-addressed envelope to the PMG office (11000 Corporate Centre Dr STE 150, Houston TX 77041) or you may come into the office to pick up the access card.

Q: How often does the community lawn maintenance people tend to the common area grass?
The common turf areas are maintained during the growing season weekly (April - September) and every other week (October - March). If you are concerned areas may not be maintained, please contact Principal Management Group at 713-329-7174.

Q: My neighbor has a dog that is a real nuisance. Where do I start to get this problem looked at?
You should contact Fort Bend County Animal Control at 281-342-1512.

Q: How can I get on one of the committees that plans all the parties and events for the community?
A: Please contact Principal Management Group of Houston at 713-329-7100.